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We deliver to the continental U.S. via FedEx Overnight Shipping as well as offering local delivery. All juices should be refrigerated immediately upon receipt to ensure that they remain potent for up to three days.   DELIVERY INFORMATION

  • Free next day shipping
  • Local customers please order before 1PM PST. Orders will arrive between 8AM-10AM
  • Local customers may receive phone calls to set up delivery
  • National customers please order before 12PM PST. Residential orders will arrive between 3PM and 8PM
  • All orders place to a business will arrive between 9AM-11AM
  • Minimum order $60

  NATIONWIDE SHIPPING FedEx will deliver your cold-pressed juices Tuesday through Friday with an estimated arrival time of 10:30 am.  Depending on your location, some juices may arrive at noon or as late as 8:00 pm. You will receive a tracking number via email the day before your scheduled delivery date so you can track your order on However, shipping is out of the control and thus, your package could arrive later in the day. Oui Juice is not responsible for lost or stolen juice, a product that has been left out for extended periods of time, or FedEx weather delays. Refunds due to any of these issues will not be granted. Oui Juice cannot be responsible for damaged or compromised juices due to the following reasons: Incorrect addresses. We ship to the exact address you enter at checkout. Please double check that your address is correct before you checkout. Partners Oui Juice works exclusively with FedEx and On Trac, the leaders in the management of overnight shipping of perishable products. Packaging We ship your juices in an inflatable insulated liner that converts a cardboard box into a cooler so they arrive chilled to approximately 40 degrees. Please inspect your juices immediately upon receipt; all claims must be filed within 24 hours. Our cold-pressed juices are guaranteed fresh up to three days if properly refrigerated upon receipt. WARNING: OUR PRODUCTS HAVE NOT BEEN PASTEURIZED AND, THEREFORE, MAY CONTAIN HARMFUL BACTERIA THAT CAN CAUSE SERIOUS ILLNESS IN CHILDREN, THE ELDERLY, AND PERSONS WITH WEAKENED IMMUNE SYSTEMS. OUR PRODUCTS ARE ONLY GUARANTEED FRESH FOR 3 DAYS, AS THEY ARE NOT PASTEURIZED AND PACKED WITH PERISHABLE NUTRIENTS AND ENZYMES. DO NOT CONSUME THE PRODUCTS AFTER 3 DAYS FROM THE DATE YOU HAVE RECEIVED THEM. ALSO, DO NOT CONSUME THE PRODUCTS IF THE LIFT TAB AROUND THE LID OF THE BOTTLE HAS BEEN BROKEN OR IT APPEARS THE PRODUCTS HAVE BEEN TAMPERED WITH IN ANY WAY. THE PRODUCTS OFFERED THROUGH THE SITE ARE NOT INTENDED NOR SHOULD THEY BE USED TO DIAGNOSE, TREAT, CURE, PREVENT, OR MITIGATE ANY ILLNESS, DISEASE OR CONDITION OR AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR PROFESSIONAL DIAGNOSIS OR TREATMENT IN ANY WAY. YOU SHOULD CONSULT WITH YOUR HEALTH CARE PROVIDER WITH ANY SPECIFIC HEALTH QUESTIONS OR PROBLEMS YOU MAY HAVE BEFORE ORDERING ANY PRODUCT FROM THIS SITE. MAKE SURE BEFORE USING ANY PRODUCT THAT YOU OR ANY OTHER RESPONSIBLE INDIVIDUAL HEEDS THE FOREGOING WARNINGS AND FOLLOWS THE FOREGOING INSTRUCTIONS AND ANY OTHER INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED WITH THE PRODUCTS. YOU ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR DETERMINING FOR WHOM THE PRODUCTS ARE APPROPRIATE FOR USE AND CONSUMPTION CHANGES & CANCELLATIONS.  We do not offer refunds after your order is confirmed. If you need to change or postpone your order, you must notify us at least 24 hours before your order is shipping. We will give you a credit to use at any available time in the following 12-month period. We do not offer credit for cancellations made less than 24 hours before your start date. We cannot offer credit if you cancel an order after it has been shipped. If there are medical reasons for canceling after the 24-hour deadline, we ask you to submit a doctor’s note. Requests for credit based on medical issues will be handled on an individual basis. We reserve the right to make decisions case by case.


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