Detox 6-Pack


ABC Cleanser, Apple Zang, Cleaner Carrot, Creamy Apple Crunch, Green Glow, Go Green and Lucky Carrot

Our bodies have an innate ability to detoxify some of the toxins we interact with. So why are we so toxic?? We have various of chemical exposure that have been growing at an exponential rate in our daily living.

These exposure consist of external (mercury, pollutants, smoke etc) & internal toxins (allergic reactions, chronic infections, medications, etc) and toxic behaviors (dietary: intake of trans fat, high fructose corn syrup, processed food, etc). The goal is to rid your body of toxins, contaminants and excess weight by severely reducing or eliminating certain foods through a regimen of juicing fruit and vegetables.

  • An energizing blend of fruits and vegetables
  • Significant source of vitamin and minerals
  • 100% cold-pressed juice
  • Organic & Raw