Breaking a Fast


Remember that during a cleanse, you are doing something to benefit your mind and body for the long term.  You are allowing your body to heal itself, and giving your system a rest. As you come off of the cleanse, it is very important to ease slowly into regular eating habits.  Be sure to avoid foods that are heavy, starchy, processed, or contain refined sugars, during the first few days of resuming a regular diet.  There are various reasons for this.  First, these foods will be way too much of a shock for your digestive system after a period of detoxing.  Give your body time to readjust to solid foods, and pay attention to how you are feeling as you begin to reincorporate solid foods into your diet.  In addition, the purpose of a cleanse is to help your body feel healthier and to begin new habits in a positive direction.  Your taste buds will adjust after detoxing, and you will likely develop more of a taste for healthy whole foods such as fruits and vegetables.

For the first three days after detoxing, it is best to consume mostly raw fruits and vegetables, along with a small amount lean protein such as fish or turkey.  Also, continue to drink 1-3 juices a day.  After these three days, gradually reintroduce the foods you would like to include in your diet, such as grains, nuts, and other foods that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.


Some say “chewing” on juice can help your body absorb the juice’s nutrients more efficiently.  Your saliva contains up to a dozen digestive enzymes, which interact with whatever you consume, in order to break it down for your body to use.  Every part of digestion is crucial to gaining maximum benefits from foods and beverages.  The first step begins in your mouth as you chew, and your saliva interacts with the contents of the drink or food.  The idea is that the enzymes break down the sugars of the juice so that they are better prepared to be processed through your digestive tract, in a form that does not negatively affect blood sugar levels.


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